Drones on LBI!

Drones on LBI!

Just take a look at my facebook business page link sitting above the link you hit to get here.  Yup, lots of drone footage.

Drone shots are becoming a staple of high quality real estate web presentations for homes that sit near the water.  Some agents are using them for all of their more expensive listings, even though some of the footage of homes that sit in the middle of the Island is not all that revealing.  My rough guess is that drone footage is found in about 10% of the listings found in the Jersey Shore MLS, but the percentage is growing.

Drone footage is valuable in a few respects.  If a home for sale has some sort of water views, or is near water, the drone shots do a great job in communicating water adjacency.  Some of the aerial views also show interesting architecture in some home designs.  Obviously, drone shots do great job in showing adjacent homes and the neighborhood.   So why just 10%?

First, a realtor needs to hire a drone photographer, and that is normally the same person that is hired for professional photos.  All this comes at a cost.  I would estimate that only 50% of the listings found in the mls use the services of a professional photographer to begin with!  Next in pecking order of internet marketing importance is a video, and I would estimate only 10% of the listings feature video footage.  If someone on LBI is interested in hiring an agent, they should ask if their listing agent uses a professional photographer, if they plan on doing a video, and ask if the property would benefit from drone shots.  If the answer to the first two questions is negative, keep looking for an agent.  If you have water views and the answer to any of the three questions is negative, move on.

Second, in some municipalities, getting permission to do drone work is not easy.  Some municipalities require the drone photographer to register with their police departments.  Paperwork needs to be filled out and filed with the clerk for the municipality too.  I would not surprise me if a fee would be added at some point.  All this makes some sense as home owners are always uneasy when they see unmanned small aircraft buzzing about their neighborhood.  When doing drone video, neighbors always stop and ask what is going on.  When they find out a real estate video is being shot, they are put at ease, but the initial contact is always anxiety filled.

Third, putting together a quality fully narrated video presentation takes time and requires writing skills that many realtors simply do not possess.  Integrating drone footage ads a great burden to the narration process.

So if you are at your home on LBI and hear a buzz, head on out and say hello, but don’t worry too much about it.  If you are looking to list your place…ask some pointed questions about internet marketing.

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