Why isn’t it selling, part 2

Why isn’t it selling, part 2

In my last blog, I discussed the role that price plays in a house that is on the market and not getting enough action.  Price is normally the biggest issue, but there are others.  In this blog, I will discuss some of them.

Very often, the reason that a listing is not attracting buyers is that the presentation submitted by the listing agent is poor.  I have discussed many times the value of a professional presentation, with pictures taken by a photographer, and not an agent.  Many agents rush to get a listing in the MLS, and submit partial pictures, thinking that they want to make sure the listing is in the MLS prior to a weekend.  This is a big mistake, as you only get one chance to make a first impression, and in real estate, the first impression is critical.  Most folks see listings on-line, as they hit, and then do not go back to them, so making sure the listing is complete with great photos…AND a video with full narration explaining the value of the property is a must.  If the listing is complete upon submitting to the MLS, but the quality of the photos is poor, the results can be the same.  So many agents use their personal cameras or phones to take pictures that appear in the listing, and it really is a disservice to the seller.

Another way that a listing can be shortchanged is by having a poor written description of the property.   The narrative in the video and in script is a very important part of a listing.   Homes on LBI are expensive, and realtors make a lot of money when selling them, so not spending money on a professional presentation makes NO sense.

Another issue that crops up from time to time on LBI is when a seller decides to be present for showings.  This can be a big mistake.  A seller being in a house always makes buyers uncomfortable, as they are not free to make comments to one another about the house.  Ever wonder why restaurants have background music playing?  The reason is to create an atmosphere where folks are comfortable and will talk to one another (when they are not texting).  Background music helps the table conversation to stay local, so that the next table will not overhear it.  An owner lurking over the shoulder of potential buyers is not an ideal showing environment.

Another reason that it’s not selling..pretty simple…is that the house is dirty!  This is very common on LBI, where folks vacate the home for the summer and put it on the market without cleaning windows, shampooing carpets, and getting the house ready.  Clean windows, with sun filtering in, makes a huge difference in how a house shows.

It isn’t selling?   Make some changes!!!

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